Pillar X: We Simply Enjoy God, Which is Our Purpose



Rick Warren said “We are Wired to Enjoy God”.  What do you think of this statement?

A preacher once made an observation.  He said that these days when Christian meet, we don’t often talk about our daily enjoyment of God with our friends, however most times we talk about our Christian ministries and interests, the state of the churches, or even maybe problems of theology.  So, why not our daily experience of God?

Communion with God is a great thing; but without doubt there is a temptation for us to put our service unto God or other priority above Himself.  As worship team, we must realise music is not the purpose of Praise and Worship ministry.  Although we spent most of our time together as worship team to work hard on the music and the tempo, remember our lyrics and phrasing, we must realise music is only a tool.  Our ultimate purpose of putting in so much effort to rehearsal is to make good music, as a tool to facilitate greater worship of God, where the true enjoyment comes in.  Be watchful that we don’t get caught up with the enjoyment of good music, instead of God Himself.  We need to catch ourselves early and make sure our focus is upon Him.

You make known to me the path of life;
in your presence there is fullness of joy
at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.
Psalm 16:11

There is great joy in God’s presence and pleasures at His right hand.  When was the last time you have spent the time with the Lord and found this joy in Him?

It is not just permissible to enjoy God (surprise to some), it is in fact essential that we do enjoy God in worship.  Because I believe all enjoyment overflows into spontaneous praise.  It is just part of our human nature.  So, to have an authentic praise, heartfelt and sincere worship, enjoying Him is fundamental.

We also tend to glorify what we enjoy most.  Looking around you will find this is true.  From a type food, to sports, maybe some hobbies, services etc, if we enjoy something we tend to talk about it, rave about it to someone else and that thing can even take over and become part of our lives.  So, to glorify God in our lives as true worshiper, we don’t just do it by sheer hard work and determination alone, learn to enjoy and be at peace in His presence.  Allow enough time for Him to reveal His heart to us, you will find great contentment and joy that flow.

How then do we apply this into our lives?  I believe each of us have to consider this and set some personal goals.  Decide how we can take time out of our busy life to learn how to enjoy God.  Remember sometimes God just cannot be rushed.

Joan Foo
Willawong Service, HCB.

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