WAM Mission Trip 2015 Anwen’s Testimony


This year’s WAM mission trip came at a perfect timing—in fact I would say it was God-ordained. I was in the midst of relocation for career transition, so you could imagine how thrilled I was when I realised the dates fell right smack in the middle of the transition period. But because it was a last minute decision, I did not know what exactly to anticipate from the trip. Not ideal—but I have decided to come with an open mind and let God uncover what He desired to do along the way. In His usual grandiose fashion, God has blown me out of the water. He has done such a deep work in my heart, soul and spirit—a hundred folds beyond the little talent I had to offer.

“My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise.” 

Psalm 51:17

ENCOUNTER—God has touched me in a very personal and profound way during this trip. Shortly before the mission trip I have been going through a prolonged valley season. We all go through seasons as such at some point in life—but as someone who loves being in control and having all her ducks in a row, nothing frustrates me more than losing my focus. Pragmatically one would think that it would be best to serve at our “prime” or out of abundance, but I knew from the Word and from experience that God does not despise our humble offering out of brokenness. It was precisely between those long days of singing and playing, hours of travelling, meeting people and blessing them with prayers and encouragement even though I did not feel l was in the best state to do so, all the while crying out for God to restore some sense of newness and purpose into my spirit—that He has done exactly so. So much so that He continued to instil Psalm 23 into my soul in the many weeks that ensued.

“…It is more blessed to give than to receive”

Acts 20:35

GIVING—I believe I am not just speaking for myself here but all of us in the team have experienced Acts 20:35 in our own unique way. Our giving of time, energy and skills was minuscule in comparison to what we have been blessed with in return—be it through fellowship with other worship ministers at Hope KL, through preaching of the word and impartation from pastors and leaders at the Global Conference, or by simply witnessing how the youths from Hope Kampar praised and worshipped God with great passion and exuberance. By the end of the trip our hearts were full to the brim. This mission trip has challenged me to grow in my daily giving in two dimensions: worship towards God and service towards others (how I could be of better service to my fellow worship team ministers, for instance).

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might…”

Ecclesiastes 9:10

EXCELLENCE—As a musician I identify with being a perfectionist where I would constantly scrutinise everything I have played in a worship set. Yet during this trip I have been pushed even further (thank you my fellow musicians!)—to not just plateau at what I thought was an okay-job but strive to be better with every worship set. I am extremely grateful to be surrounded by mentors in the worship ministry who have never ceased to push me to expand my skill set, techniques, genres and musical styles. In retrospect, I was reminded that the purpose of excellence is not just for my own artistic gratification but to raise and train other worship ministers. It was as if God was telling me, “Get out of your own little bubble.”

Moved me out of my little bubble, He did. God has taken me out of the usual routine, the environment I have grown accustomed to, the church setting I have come to recognise as the “norm,” to seeing His works and greater needs of the Kingdom. It is an extremely sobering thought to realise we are merely a tiny dot in the enormity of His Kingdom—and yet He loves us so; He has chosen us to partner with Him and to serve Him. I believe we have only seen a glimpse of what is to come. I am blessed and grateful to have grown and partnered with many of you—and hope to continue to do so as we believe for greater things ahead :)

Many blessings,


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