The Limitless Connection between Worship and Mission

Worship and Creative Arts ministry has an important role in helping fulfil the Great Commission. I believe that Godly worship transforms lives and empowers people. We can be used by God as His voice in proclaiming the Kingdom of God here on earth through our worship and creative arts ministry.

This year’s theme of our church is ‘Cross Over’ and we desire to see everyone in the church do whatever we can to win souls and make disciples of Jesus Christ. This is our mission, which is to see the Great Commission being fulfilled in all possible ways and through all possible means.

Worship and mission are not entirely separate from each other; they are almost like a bride and groom — hard to have a wedding with just one of them. Yet mission will always be trumped by worship for worship abides forever. As we continue to create God’s throne room here among us, building His glorious throne of praise and going deeper in our understanding and experience, we will realise the passion God has for the lost and broken, that everyone needs to hear, see, and know the goodness of the gospel.

In John 4, we witness the scene where “true worship” is discussed by Jesus and the Samaritan woman and understand once again that when Christ’s Lordship is established, living waters are our promise, our inheritance, our radical need, and God’s even more radical provision. The woman went back to her village; her environment and her world, with so much excitement with the revelation she had about this Messiah. She couldn’t help but proclaim about the Saviour she had encountered. Her revelation of Jesus empowers her to reveal His truth, love and character to her world.

It’s my belief that as we continue to reveal Jesus in every area of our lives, I see God’s throne being established among us in our churches, in our communities, in our families, in our new experiences and in our traditions. For wherever He is enthroned, there you’ll find hearts that are open and thirsty for the one thing none of us can acquire elsewhere, only from relationship with Jesus: Living Water.

How can truthful and authentic worship be anything but missional? In genuine worship, we are constantly declaring God’s goodness, always announcing and declaring that He is with us, always being filled with joy in His Presence, always announcing freedom, always dependent on the Holy Spirit to fill us, change us, lead us, and turn our sorrows into joy, our mourning into dancing.

It is my prayer that we will continue to grow in our understanding that to worship with our life means that it is not just in the singing of songs that we find our hearts emblazoned with mission, but it is the result of a worshipful life where mission finds its expression in the going, the sending, and the daily expression of our faith in the ordinary. As Christ followers, all that we are should be somehow resulting in bringing the love and light of Christ to our world. Is this mission? Yes. Is this worship? Yes. True worship should always lead to missions. As worship connects us to God’s heart by bringing our hearts near to Him, we begin to love what God loves and hate what God hates.

Worship and mission has limitless connection. They are inseparable!

I’m excited to see what God has in store for our WAM ministry and how we will be filled with His holy passion and empowered by the Holy Spirit to bring true worship to the ends of the earth (Isaiah 12).

Loving and serving Jesus with you.

Ps. Torch Leung

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