About Joining WAM


(Applicants must be members of the local church to apply for the Worship ministries and agree to follow the ministry membership guidelines according to our WAM Worship Membership Handbook)

Vocals, Choir – Audition & Interview

Musicians – Audition & Interview

Dance – Audition & Interview

Drama – Audition & Interview

Graphic Design – Folio & Interview

Multimedia Production – Folio & Interview

Photography –Folio & Interview

Stage Design & Decorations – Interview

Sound, Visuals & Broadcasting, Lighting – Interview

Film & Video Editing – Folio & Interview

Stage Production Crew – Interview

Terms and Conditions

I understand that:

  1. My application must be accompanied with an email or letter from my pastoral leader stating that they are aware of my application with WAM, and that they understand the commitment requirements of the ministry. I understand that applications without an email or letter from the pastoral leader will not be processed.
  2. I am required to attend one WAM induction session, and to complete all application requirements for the specific stream/s in which I have applied for including attending auditions, interviews or submitting relevant folio information. I understand that I will not be able to participate in serving until I have attended all required sessions, and have submitted all required information.
  3. As a member of WAM, I am required to faithfully participate in WAM events and activities through out the year including WAM equip training sessions and WAM intensified. I understand that an irregular attendance within the year without legitimate reasons will cause my application in the ministry to be reconsidered.
  4. As a member of WAM, I am expected to participate in serving within my applied stream(s) at both service-based and church-wide level. I understand that I am required to participate with a spirit of excellence, willingness, faithfulness, teachability, humility and commitment.
  5. As a member of WAM, I am expected to participate in the life of the church, including faithfully attending church service and faithfully attending and participating in a life group.
  6. As a member of WAM, my relationship with God is fundamental to my service in the ministry and hence I am committed to faithfully growing in my walk with God through maintaining consistent personal relationship with God.
  7. All applicants are required to attend an induction session and to complete  “The Heart of the Artist” offered as part of Hope Church Christian Development School (CDS), and “The Heart of Worship” for those who are joining WORSHIP Stream. More details will be sent through email and made available on the website.

This application page is under construction. On where to apply, please refer to your respective service representative.