wltraining4Developing Effective Worship Leaders & Strategic Worship Ministry in Your Church

Serving as a worship leader is one of the greatest privileges! Across the world, worship leaders hold excellent responsibility for the simplest way church services flow, and can be responsible for amazing times of praise and worship within the congregation, setting the scene for the Word of God to actually minister, challenge and change hearts.
Nonetheless the responsibility of a praise and worship leader goes a lot beyond what happens during the church service. You have the added privileges of managing and leading your worship team members, choosing songs and crafting the ebb plus flow of songs during the service, and not to mention learning to flow with the Senior Worship Leader, the Holy Spirit to accomplish what God desires to do during the time of worship and throughout the entire church service.
“Developing Effective Worship Leaders & Strategic Worship Ministry in Your Church” is a well-rounded, short-term educational experience for any worship leader or creative artist. This course will help equip you as a worship leader or worship leader in training achieve a life of worship and grow in your spiritual leadership and worship leading skills. You will be equipped with the knowledge and experience to lead worship effectively in light of the changing paradigm of worship that is occurring.
It also focuses on your own development as a spiritual leader. You will understand worship on a variety of deeper levels as you study worship theology, as developed in biblical and Church history and values, and the role that worship plays in relation to kingdom music, evangelism, the presence of God, renewal, prophecy, prayer, spiritual warfare and the church service. Furthermore, the course will equip you with practical skills such as working with your pastor, planning worship sets, worship song writing and many more in various worship ministry related subjects as Electives.
The course consists of FOUR modules; each designed to develop a core competency in a worship leader as a spiritual leader.  Below are the outline of each module and its subjects.