HOPE MANILA, The Philippines (Thurs 21, Sat 23-Sun 24 August 2014)

Below are some of the topics of worship ministry training workshops that will be covered during the period:

Worship Essentials- Back to Basics

Worship is more than just singing songs and playing music. This session will guide you to root their corporate worship in unchanging scriptural principles and rediscover what worship really means in the biblical sense.

Worship Team Tune-in Together 

This workshop guides you on how to run effective rehearsals, arrange worship bands, create flow and transitions and much more. Get better at both working your band, and creating great musical spaces for worship in your church. It will also discuss some key practical tip in bringing together a great worship dynamic on set during your actual church service.

Worship Leading Essentials

This workshop focuses on the skill and practices of effective leadership. Worship Leading Essentials is all about unpacking the practical tips & habits of the effective worship leader, all the way from honing your musical craft, to building a set, to rehearsing a group of musicians and to leading the band and the congregation. You will also learn what makes an effective worship leader “great,” and will reflect on the lead worshiper roles of equipper, pastor, musician, administrator, teacher and more.

Vocal Techniques & Dynamics

In this workshop, we will be discussing the mechanics of the voice to help you find your true voice. We will be observing and evaluating common problem areas and negative tendencies that people have while singing, such as pushing, pulling, squeezing, over-blowing, lack of strength and singing throaty, nasally or breathy. We will then discuss and implement practical ways to correct these things, and offer some practical tips for vocal warm up and other techniques like blending, harmony etc.

Band Dynamics 

This workshop is a must for worship musicians and those who are involved in sound ministry. We will learn ways to strengthen the practical skill set of musicians to achieve effective band dynamics.

Church Audio

Basic Training for sound crews, audio techs and those involved with sound technology in a local church worship ministry.

Church Photo&Video

Basic Training for Photographers & Videographers involved in local church production ministry.

The Biblical Essence of Worship

Through this session, you will gain a deeper understanding of the Biblical basis for worship. We will also identify the importance of the Presence of God in worship, and define as well as describe the essence of worship according the biblical concepts and ideas throughout the Old and the New Testament.
Below are some topics we will cover during this session.
+A Biblical Definition of WORSHIP
+Understanding the Presence of God
+Description of Worship and Our Response & Participation

Developing an Effective Worship Ministry

This forum session will explore some key principles and framework on which you can build a very solid and effective worship ministry in your local church. It will also offer practical steps for churches just beginning in worship ministry. For those already moving in a contemporary style of worship this session will help undergird the current program and offer further insights to help move ahead.
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