WAM eQuip is designed to help equip and train WAM members in knowledge, understanding, and in their respective skills pertaining to Worship, Arts & Media. The long term goal is for every WAM member to be fully effective in their various ministries.
We will be having a total number of about SEVEN WAM eQuips this year 2013.
The next session of our WAMeQuip is scheduled next Monday, 2 September 2013 at 7 PM, Unidus Community Centre (Rooms for different classes to be notified on that day.
There will be THREE different trainings offered for this WAMeQuip session:
1. Roles of Singers on Worship Team (Recommended for choir members, singers and worship leaders)
2. PA Training (Recommended for PA/ Sound Crews)
3. Multimedia Team Training – How to manage various projects in church (Recommended for Creative Presentation team members)

*This is highly recommended for every current WAM ministry team member to attend as a part of yearly training & equipping program. See you there!